Turbocharger Service and Repairs

All too frequently, serviceable turbochargers are removed from engines before the cause of the problem has been determined. Always inspect and assess turbocharger condition before removal from the engine.

Should removal of the turbo become necessary, try to determine if the connections were tight and without leaks while you are removing the hoses, clamps or connections. Once disassembly has been completed, it may be difficult or impossible to substantiate the conditions that caused the problem.


Problems experienced in the field can most often be corrected by system troubleshooting. Immediate or early failure of a replacement turbocharger may be related to:

  1. The incomplete correction of the problem that caused the need for the replacement.
  2. Problems introduced during the replacement.
  3. A defective turbocharger.

A turbocharger that has operated successfully is very unlikely to be found defective at a later date. Speed and temperature normally seen in turbocharger operation usually identify defects very quickly. Installation or engine system problems can also show up immediately upon replacement. Don't be too quick to blame the turbo for operational problems if the turbocharger spins freely and has not rubbed the housing.

It should be emphasized that a turbocharger does not effectively change the operating characteristics of an engine. A turbocharger is not a power source within itself. The turbo's only function is to supply a greater volume of compressed air to the engine so that more fuel can be burned to produce more power. It can function only as dictated by the flow, pressure and temperature in the engine exhaust gas.

We offer repairs to Holset HX82 and Holset HX83 turbos.

Until now the only choice was buy a complete turbocharger. However, our repair facility has mastered repairing your old unit and the savings are in the thousands. We can remanufacture your old unit to as good as new in most cases. Call us to discuss your needs and our fast turnaround time.

Our Service

Turbotech have trained experts who have years of experience with turbocharger repairs.

  • We have trained technicians who can assess the damage to your turbocharger.
  • We will have your turbocharger collected from you on our account.
  • To quote a turbo the unit needs to be stripped in order to assess the damage. Unfortunately this means quotes are not free however we will waive this fee should you proceed with the repair.

Contact us with a brief description of the problem surrounding your turbo, let us know the type of vehicle you drive and our trained staff will do their best to assist you.


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