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"I drive pilot vehicles for heavy haulage.  My trusty Pathfinder has been a good workhorse, but I wanted a little more oomph so I enquired about a performance chip and gearbox  tune I'd been hearing about.
The guys at Turbotech were very informative, helpful and not at all pushy.
I'm remote.  So they airbagged the RDT module and Shift Plus to me complete with install instructions.
I installed the gearbox tune first - as it was quick and simple to do.
The result:  Amazingly different.  I cannot tell you how good it is!  Now she is super smooth, changes predictably, and always feels to be changing at the right time.
My car has even stopped smoking."

- Glen, Transport Industry, North West

"I purchased the RD Technic chip just before Christmas and I am simply blown away.  It's incredible.
I couldn't have been happier with it. I get a tonne more power without the extra fuel usage so very pleased."

- Ben, Transport Industry, WA

"I had been putting up with the clunking gearshift in my 200 series Landcruiser for quite some time when someone told me about Turbotech's Shift Plus gearbox tune.  
They installed it in minutes and I drove off not sure how much to expect ... in just days I noticed a massive difference.  The shift was smooth as a baby's, it wasn't hunting any more on inclines, and I even think it is running quieter.

Could not be happier.

Definitely give Turbotech a call about their gearbox tune!"

- Dennis, Grey Nomad, QLD.

"I called Turbotech to find out what I could add to my diesel Scirocco for better performance.
They installed a ChipBox - which was instantly better, and then a Pedal Booster.
WOW, that PedalBooster just rocks!
I'll be heading back to Turbotech for a dump pipe and Cold Air Induction.


- Rob, Car Industry, WA.

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