Mining in Australia is big business.  
And as BIG as it is, losing money from downtime due to breakdowns or failures means Big Losses.

Turbotech have built a reputation in the mining sector for being fast, efficient, accurate and great value.

In today's economic climate we are witnessing Service & Maintenance Schedules being pushed out to save money.  But these are only short term savings!  What is saved today through avoiding regular maintenance, is more than lost when a catastrophic failure hits your equipment.  Turbotech aim to help you avoid those failures.


Turbotech's unique manufacturer's service-changeout to service-changeout component warranty for heavy equipment.

Use Turbotech to comply with your equipment manufacturer's service-service schedule, and you are protected by our unique TurboSafeTM component warranty - removing your risk by ensuring your equipment is maintained properly with regular service-to-service scheduling, and ensuring that any component failure is repaired at no charge to you.


   Be TurboSafe™ with Turbotech !

When you need assurance that your fleet has reliability and longevity, you can rely on Turbotech to provide you with over 110 cumulative years of turbo technology experience.Holset HX82

TurboWise TM 

TurbotechTM are forging ahead in the industry, by supporting our customers with training and education on turbochargers that should save them money through greater awareness.  Just imagine your maintenance crew identifying the early stages of a turbocharger problem - and sending it to Turbotech for servicing instead of having a catastrophic turbo failure that costs not only for the replacement turbo, but possible other engine components or a rebuild!

At Turbotech we are implementing TurboWiseTM to bridge that knowledge gap.  After all, they say knowledge is power!
We will fully train and certify your staff - even providing specailist turbocharger placements for your Apprentices to ensure they have a fully rounded knowledge for their chosen careers.

Contact us today to discuss the benefits of a TurboWise training scheme for your company.



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