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As you already know, truck performance requirements are totally different in Australia than the rest of the world.

Trucks here, for example, are often larger, longer, with heavier loads, running on lower fuel grades, and in higher ambient temperatures. Australian trucks endure some of the toughest conditions out there. This is why we work tirelessly to develop and bring you the best products, service schedules and performance enhancements available anywhere in the World.

If you are looking for better economy, higher torque output, fleet management through speed limiting, rev limiting, or emissions reduction - Turbotech has a solution for you.

When you need assurance that your fleet has reliability and longevity, you can rely on Turbotech to provide you with over 110 cumulative years of turbo technology experience.OE Turbocharger

Sales, service & repairs

We are proud to be Master Distributors for BorgWarner, Garrett and Holset turbochargers, are certified turbocharger service and repair technicians, and provide turbo sales service second to none.

Turbotech are also focussed on helping you to extend the lifecycle of your equipment, through regular scheduled servicing, preventative maintenance programs, and our revolutionary TurboWiseTM and TurboSafeTM initatives.

   Gearbox tuning is the way of the future for economy improvements to heavy haulage fleets!

Turbotech offer the complete range of RDT ShiftPlus gearbox tuning modules - offering your fleet options and delivering the benefits.
ShiftPlus is a revolutionary approach to gearbox tuning that has shown to improve fuel economy substantially over standard (factory) settings.  Test results have returned economy gains in excess of 10% - substantially more in some instances.

Call Turbotech today to arrange for an obligation free fleet assessment and economy analysis to see what benefits you could be realising tomorrow.

We are currently running numerous risk-free trials in partnership with significant names in the haulage industry, aimed at proving the benefits and savings that ShiftPlus provides from an end-user perspective.  No sales hype here.  Our clients will tell us what results they are getting.



    Fleet management through engine management.

Utes, trucks, buses, lightweight vans, cars, 4×4′s, heavy plant machinery… Whatever you have, we have the right solution for you from our extensive range of products.

Engine Control Units (ECUs) control every aspect of your vehicle's performance - from power and torque output right through to economy and emissions. 

Combining our vast experience in turbocharging technology with our partners' expertise in truck and heavy machinery ECU tuning, Turbotech can offer everything from plug-n-play solutions to customised re-mapping options - providing you with control over your fleet performance via every aspect of the ECU including:

    + restricting torque/power outputs
    + rev & speed limiting
    + throttle response, or
    + smoothing torque curves


We provide clear, unbiased data and attractive ROI periods - and best of all ... free trial periods.

Be it a gearbox tune for economy, an ECU re-map for minesite vehicle control, or simply something to make your fleet work harder fro you ...  Turbotech has the answer.


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