Turbocharger Upgrades

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Turbo Upgrades


There is a lot of things that Turbotech can supply for performance and durability upgrades.


It is easy for us to supply a billet compressor wheel and fit it to your existing turbo. We find the increased airflow lends itself to powering up your engine 20% and more.

We can do this for many models of turbocharger.


Just call us to discuss your needs.

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We can also look at the thrust bearing and often we can modify that area where durability due to thrust failure is of concern. Sometimes when we do a compressor wheel upgrade we also do the thrust upgrade to help with the increased power.

Depending upon application other areas of the turbocharger can be modified. The turbine wheel and housing can be resized and re ratio’d to provide more turbo speed and therefore boost.

Lastly the actuator can be reset to change the wastegate point. This can have the effect of keeping turbo boost to the engine for longer.


All of these above factors can be tailored to your specific needs.

Call us to discuss your turbocharger modifications.

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