The FUTURE of engine optimisation is Transmission Remapping

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Turbotech are pleased to announce another RD TECHNIK GLOBAL  FIRST.  

We are now remapping the transmissions in Heavy Transport  Vehicles and the initial results are blowing away all expectations and eclipsing results normally associated with traditional ECU tuning.  While the R&D and programming behind this is extremely complex, the application is simple and all via the OBD.  
So simple in fact the very first truck ever programmed was done so by the customer.

The first test rig was a MACK with a 470 CCRS engine, working in hilly terrain typically around 65ton gross and achieving 1.6km/litre.  This truck was simply described (excuse the pun) as the dog of the fleet.  Well this truck may still be a dog but it wears the badge proudly as it is now TOP DOG.    This MACK is now the best performing truck in the fleet in terms of power, torque, fuel consumption and all-round drivability.  The Mack's figures have shown amazing improvements - from 1.6km/L to 2.2km/L.  This equates to 37.5% fuel savings.

This is a game changer for the transport industry and the future approach to tuning.

Anyone who has driven a large truck up an incline knows what it is to chase gears.  By remapping the transmission and slightly altering the power and torque curves we are able to make the gear changes far more responsive and therefore more efficient.  The ability to catch those gears allows the truck to remain in the higher gears longer and get through the gear range quicker when on the way up.  This principal is not new.  In the past this issue has been addressed by increasing power/torque from the engine to allow the vehicle to cope with the inherent lag in the transmission.  By tackling this issue directly within the transmission, we are now able to achieve more with less - less power and less fuel.

Still in the early days, test results indicate that manual gearboxes actually benefit more from this innovative approach to tuning, which is the opposite to what is observed on passenger cars and 4×4’s.  The logic behind this is simple.  With regard to shift speed, if altered in a manual car, unless racing, it is unlikely this constraint is hit with any great frequency to observe significant differences, whereas in heavy transport this frequency is almost constantly achieved ... and hence the improvements are noticeable and significant.

So watch this space for further developments as Turbotech and RD Technik continue to reshape vehicle tuning.

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