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Mercedes Benz F1 engine technology

MERCEDES BENZ is fast tracking its latest Formula One technology through to its production cars.

The German brand’s AMG performance division is working closer than ever with its British-based F1 outfit to transfer the tricks that have made it the most dominant team on the circuit to further improve its power-packed performance cars.

The Mercedes-Benz team has so far won every race of the 2014 Formula One season with the exception of the Canadian Grand Prix, where Aussie Daniel Ricciardo took advantage of brake trouble for both Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg to score his maiden victory.

The team has by far been the most dominant in the new era of electric-assisted 1.6-litre turbo charged V6 engines, thanks in part to an innovative turbo charger system.

AMG’s head of powertrain development, Jochen Martin Schmid, said his team is meeting regularly with the F1 outfit to develop plans that could leverage the latest tech into mainstream production cars.

While he cautioned that it is unlikely we will see a direct transfer of F1 hardware because of the single-minded focus on generating maximum outputs within a small powerband, Schmidt hinted that lessons learned with the hybrid F1 powertrains could improve its future road cars. He also suggested the greater freedoms open to production cars could eventually see mainstream models overtake F1 in the technology race in the future.

“The problem with the F1 is that they rev really quite high, and if you were to transfer this exactly to the production car then driveability wouldn’t be so good at lower speeds,” he told Drive during the launch of the new S63 AMG Coupe in Italy.

“In any case, some ideas of that concept could be transferred to road cars and could maybe be an improvement and give us an advantage.

“We are linked together and working together on technical ideas, thinking ahead that someday even we may overtake some of the F1 technologies – even the principles – in the road cars.”

Schmidt admitted that at least one of the new-age technologies AMG is currently looking at is electric turbo charging, where the compressor is powered by an electric motor rather than the exhaust gases and can therefore provide maximum boost earlier in the rev range and be better controlled for greater fuel consumption benefits.

“There are many companies looking into this technology right now and it is something we will investigate at some time to see the benefits,’ he said.


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