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Ricciardo IS tOP DOG on Top Gear

February 9, 2015
Aussie F1 ace takes on Lewis Hamilton's record time in the Top Gear Liana, and the winner is...
Daniel Ricciardo celebrates a lap record on Top Gear's test track

Daniel Ricciardo celebrates his lap record on Top Gear's test track Photo: Top Gear


As host Jeremy Clarkson would say, Daniel Ricciardo is the fastest formula one driver ... in the world.

At least, the fastest F1 driver to run a lap in the Suzuki Liana around Top Gear's Dunsfold Park test track.

The Red Bull Racing star snuck away from testing in Jerez to appear on the latest episode of Top Gear for its F1 driver segment.
Full of smiles and cheeky comments, Ricciardo not only smashed Lewis's time with a 1:42.2s lap (in F1 parlance - 0.7s is "smashing" the lap time), but drove 3 consistent laps at this blazing speed!

See the video here
Daniel Ricciardo's Top Gear lap

The reigning world (and Top Gear) champion Lewis Hamilton had set the benchmark time of 1:42.9s around the airfield layout in the show's original "Reasonably Priced Car" - the Suzuki Liana, which dates back to the first season of Top Gear.


It had been a fun-filled first visit to the Top Gear set for Ricciardo, with Clarkson at one point turning to the audience and asking if anyone had a question for the visiting F1 star.

“What does the back of Lewis’ car look like?” chirped one pommy punter.


Ricciardo’s response was pure gold.

 “Can you see that?” he asked, flashing his trademark smile.

Ricciardo responds to punter’s quip during Top Gear appearance.

Ricciardo responds to punter’s quip during Top Gear appearance.Source: Supplied


 Check out the link below for some entertaining behind-the-scenes footage of Daniel's Top Gear laps.

 Dan Ricciardo behind the scenes on Top Gear



Daniel's time is also almost a full second quicker than former Aussie F1 pilot Mark Webber, who lapped the track in 1:43.1secs.

All up nine formula one drivers have taken on the challenge. 
Brazilian Rubens Barrichello was the first driver to beat the benchmark time set by the show's former 'tame racing driver' The Stig, Ben Collins.

Top Gear F1 leaderboard

1. Daniel Ricciardo, 1:42.2s

2. Lewis Hamilton, 1:42.9s

3. Mark Webber, 1:43.1s

4. Sebastian Vettel, 1:44.0s

5. Rubens Barrichello, 1:44.3s

6. The Stig (Ben Collins), 1:44.4s

7. Nigel Mansell, 1:44.6s

8. Lewis Hamilton, 1:44.7s (wet track)

9. Jenson Button, 1:44.7s

10. The Stig (Perry McCarthy), 1:46.0s

11. Kimi Raikkonen, 1:46.1s (wet track)

12. Damon Hill, 1:46.3s

13. Mark Webber, 1:47.1s (wet track)


 Well done Daniel.


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