by Turbotech


TurbotechTM has a long history of involvement with and providing assistance to the rural sector - and with our new products and technologies can now provide even more support and improvements.

Our in-depth understanding of the requirements of large scale agricultural machinery reflects in our ability to offer the RD Technik expertise of specific tune re-maps that ensure maximum fuel savings, efficiency and increased productivity.

We work together with our client - understanding their specific requirements - and the RDT technicians to ensure that we can create a fully optimised end result that provides significant savings through increased fuel efficiency ... thus leading to limited downtime and maximised productivity.  


Realistic and achievable power gains - be they on existing plant, or from downsized machinery given the Turbotech boost!

Providing the RD Technik range of products is just the tip of the iceberg.

TurbotechTM are able to keep your vehicle running at its best - doing everything from checking the functions of your turbocharger, identifying potential problems before they occur, regular servicing, and remanufacturing or replacing a troublesome turbocharger.

Keeping your plant working at its optimum is important to us.


Agriculture directly provides around 3% of GDP in Australia - although this is around a 12% contribution to GDP once agriculture-sourced value-adding is combined. 


  • Engine modules
  • Gearbox tuning modules
  • Exhausts, DPFs, CATs
  • OE turbochargers
  • Waterless coolant
  • Performance oils




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