by Turbotech


TurbotechTM has a long history of involvement with and providing assistance to the rural sector - and with our new products and technologies can now provide even more support and improvements.



Realistic and achievable power gains - be they on existing plant, or from downsized machinery given the Turbotech boost!


TurbotechTM are able to keep your vehicle running at its best - doing everything from checking the functions of your turbocharger, identifying potential problems before they occur, regular servicing, and remanufacturing or replacing a troublesome turbocharger.

Keeping your plant working at its optimum is important to us.


Agriculture directly provides around 3% of GDP in Australia - although this is around a 12% contribution to GDP once agriculture-sourced value-adding is combined. 


  • Engine modules
  • OE turbochargers
  • Waterless coolant
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