ISO 9001

by Turbotech

Quality Assurance


NCS International - Certified quality management system certification ISO9001Turbotech is the only turbocharger company registered with prestigious National Association of Testing Authorities, and was also the first Turbocharger company in Australia registered as a Quality Certified repairer of turbochargers.

Turbotech has been operating a Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001-2008 since 8th September 1992, being accredited by NATA.

To ensure continued effectiveness of the quality system and to promote a uniform approach to quality, certain procedures which are basic to Turbotech shall be implemented throughout the organization without deviation unless such deviations are carried out in the approved formal manner.

Each employee is responsible for the integration of quality requirements into their normal work procedures and for ensuring that such procedures are carried out and documented.

Fundamental to all work performed by Turbotech is the assurance of product quality prior to delivery and installation. In this sense all products must therefore be suitable for their intended purpose and be in conformity with agreed specifications, standards or contract.

As indicated in AS/NZS ISO 9001-2008 the Turbotech quality system shall be subject to periodic and systematic review and audit by the quality function. To verify that the essential systems, procedures, etc are in place, or 'not present, to ensure that such are prepared, implemented and maintained. This review will be carried out by the Quality Assurance Officer but changes to this manual or other quality assurance procedures will not be valid until approved by the Turbotech Quality Management Committee.


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