Turbocharge your throttle pedal!

Most modern turbo diesels, and some turbo petrols, possess a noticeable lag - the delay from when you 'put your boot in' until the car actually responds and accelerates.
These are, in most instances, mapped into the throttle-by-wire systems in new cars - ostensibly to reduce sooting and pass emissions.

PedalBooster is an intelligent control unit that dramatically improves throttle response and simultaneously reduces lag. Easily fitted within minutes, and finely adjustable to the way you drive, once you have it dialed in the way you like, it'll liven up your car and put a smile on your face!   PedalBooster by Seletron

Around the City, the responsive kick is welcomed.  And with a better throttle response, there is less necessity to put the boot in ... resulting in improved fuel economy through driving style.





PedalBooster by Seletron

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