Holset Cummins


There are many reasons why we deal in Holset Turbochargers. Here are just a few of them:

  • Holset are the definitive turbocharger designers.
  • Holset have been designing turbochargers since 1960.
  • Holset has an outstanding track record in class-leading turbocharger technology. We were the first to market with the Variable Geometry technology for Heavy-Duty diesel engines.
  • Holset are commited to dedicated and genuine partnerships with both our customers and suppliers. This joint approach has proven to be highly effective when introducing tomorrow's technology to today's marketplace.
  • Holset have manufacturing and support facilities around the world who are committed to providing the highest possible levels of service and satisfaction to our customer base.
  • The quality and technological expertise of our people drives the success of Holset.

Turbotech is the Australian distributor for holset turbochargers and hold a large selection of holset turbochargers. Holset are designed to suit diesel applications only and are not suitable for petrol use.

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