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Garrett a leading pioneer of turbocharging technologies, providing engine boosting systems that can save fuel and reduce emissions while providing boost on demand.

Garrett's thermal systems technologies meet the increasingly demanding heat transfer requirements of their customers. The focus is on providing high performance systems leading to increased fuel economy and overall value.

To serve its global clients, Garrett offers the advantages of worldwide sales offices, manufacturing facilities and technology centers in Asia, Europe, North America and South America. Garrett's distribution network, in addition to the four continents mentioned above, also reaches Africa, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

TurbotechTM is proud to be an authorised Master Distributor for Garrett Turbochargers.

Garrett has engineering teams on 5 continents continually developing the most up-to-date technologies in the industry, with some of the most rigorous functional testing in the field.

Turbocharger Cutaway

Many of the world's top engine and vehicle manufacturers employ Garrett turbochargers to boost their engines, including:










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Garrett Performance Turbochargers

Performance turbocharger sizing, as well as charge air cooler (intercooler) sizing, will depend on the intended use for the given engine application. We highly recommend that you consult Turbotech staff for proper matching of your turbocharger and/or intercooler to your specific engine output requirements.

- GT Series Ball Bearing

The GT Series Ball Bearing Turbocharger is one of Garrett's latest development in performance turbocharger technology. The Garrett "full cartridge" dual ball bearing systems have been qualified in various OEM production based programs. The same ball bearing system's durability and reliability has been well proven in winning Indy 500 race cars and in grueling 24 hour endurance races. Presently the GT Series are available to the aftermarket in limited production GT25 and GT30 designs. A selection of GT Series CHRA and complete assemblies have been designed for aftermarket performance program development.

- T Series Ball Bearing Replacement

Garrett, having created the original T3/T4 turbocharger, has introduced center housing upgrades for many existing T-Series turbochargers. Now you can keep your current turbo setup as well as your compressor and turbine housings while gaining the peace of mind that comes with every patented Garrett dual ball bearing unit.


VNT Technology

The VNT (Variable Nozzle Turbine) series of variable geometry turbochargers allow vehicle manufacturers to use smaller displacement engines without sacrificing performance.

These turbochargers are designed to raise the drivability characteristics of turbocharged diesel engines to those of large, naturally aspirated gasoline engines, while providing reductions in overall emissions.

Advantages Of VNT

  • Increased torque Improved transient response (alleviates "lag")
  • Reduced emissions
  • Improved fuel consumption
  • Flatter torque characteristics giving improved driveability/response
  • Turbine extracts energy from full exhaust flow

How VNT Works

A VNT turbocharger works by adjusting the gas throat section at the inlet of the turbine wheel in order to optimize turbine power with the required flow velocity.

At low engine speed and small gas flow, the turbocharger reduces the throat section, increasing turbine power and boost pressure. At full engine speed and high gas flow, the VNT turbocharger increases the throat section, avoiding turbocharger overspeed and maintaining the booster pressure required by the engine.

The throat section modulation can be controlled directly by the compressor pressure through the use of a pressure actuator, or by the engine management system using a vacuum actuator. To modify the throat section, VNT Multivane models use a mobile multivane system composed of a number of vanes which rotate relative to the turbine wheel axis.

Multivane VNT Turbocharger

The Multivane VNT Turbocharger uses vacuum actuator to adjust the vaned nozzle. The vanes steer the speed characteristic (angle and velocity) of the incoming exhaust gas toward the turbine wheel. The boost can then be controlled from 1.0 bar to 2.0 bar absolute. The variable turbine intake geometry only raises boost pressure if it is required for high torque.

Slidevane VNT Turbocharger

A new configuration VNT turbocharger. Initially targetted for diesel engine passenger car use, the new VNT Turbo is designed for market applications in the 1.6-3.0 liter engine displacement class. This new design, the Garrett Slidevane VNT turbocharger offers the market a product with all the advantages of Multivane VNT turbo performance from a simple, rugged and lower-cost package.



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