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Engine performance modules by Seletron.

  • Turbotech stock a full range of ChipBox engine performance modules and PedalBooster throttle modules, making your vehicle perform the way it should!

ChipBox engine modules provide performance and economy gains for a broad range of turbocharged vehicles.ChipBox engine modules
Boasting the latest European safety classifications, these modules are safe for all applications and give your vehicle that needed extra boost they lack from the factory.


Someone once said that the only way to do your best work is to love what you do, and that the only way to be truly
satisfied is to do what you consider to be the best job possible.

But talent and passion alone are not enough.

In the world of electronics and engines, skill, experience, perseverance and the courage to propose simple yet innovative ideas are just as important.  Hitting the target means achieving maximum customer satisfaction in terms of performance, guaranteed safety, ease of installation and qualified service.

All these factors are central to the philosophy of Seletron, a young and dynamic Italian company founded in 1998 by two passionate brothers with vast experience and exceptional knowledge in the field of electronics and engines.  Seletron researches, designs and manufactures electronic systems for increasing the power and performance of modern automobile engines.  In order to ensure the quality and performance that distinguish true “made in Italy” products, the ChipBox product line has been designed and manufactured entirely in Italy.

CHIPBOX is a programmable module for modern turbocharged engines that improves torque and power performance, offering increases of up to 30%.

This easy-to-install unit provides for a significant power increase without compromising the engine’s reliability, while at the same time maintaining low exhaust emissions in full compliance with the current regulations.
The ChipBox unit comes fully programmed specifically for the vehicle upon which it is to be installed, and is furnished complete with quick installation wiring, an illustrated manual and, upon request, programming software for customizing the mapping.


Turbotech have sold thousands of ChipBox modules over the years, and guarantee our products with replacement or money back.

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