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Building from the history of Schwitzer and AG Kühnle Kopp & Kausch (KKK), BorgWarner is a global product leader in powertrain solutions - focused on developing leading powertrain technologies that improve fuel economy, emissions and performance. 

BorgWarner Turbo Systems is the second largest supplier of turbochargers, with a reported 31 per cent share of the global market. With customers that include; Volkswagen/Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Ford and Fiat, the company has been setting its sights on the Asian market - operating joint manufacturing ventures in China, India, South Korea and Japan. Find out more



Garrett by Honeywell

In 1953, when Caterpillar needed a turbo developed for its D9 tractor it called the Garrett Corporation. Fitted with the Garrett T15, the D9 became America’s first turbocharged vehicle. Since that time Garrett have been pioneering turbocharging technologies, providing engine boosting systems that can save fuel and reduce emissions

From 1962, when Garrett® boosted the world’s first turbocharged production car – the Oldsmobile Jetfire Rocket – to this day, Garrett have been at the forefront of the turbo revolution. The world’s first VNT™ (Variable Nozzle Turbine) production turbo, the new Double Axle VNT™, right through to its DualBoost technology (featuring two compressor wheels in a single housing).

Garrett's focus is on providing high performance systems. Find out more



Holset was incorporated in 1952 in Huddersfield, UK, and acquired by Cummins Inc. in 1973. The company changed it's name to Cummins Turbo Technologies in 2006.Cummins Turbo Technologies

Today Cummins Turbo Technologies is leading the way in turbocharger design and manufacture, with sales of over $1billion per annum. Our rich company heritage and engineering expertise has been instrumental in positioning us as a global technology leader delivering the technology of the future. Holset are the definitive turbocharger designers and have been in business since 1960. Harbouring an outstanding track record in class-leading turbocharger technology and with manufacturing and support facilities around the world. Find out more



Evans Waterless Coolants represent a major step forward in engine cooling and engine protection technology.Evans Waterless Coolant

Water is an excellent fluid for cooling whilst in a liquid state, but when water turns to steam it has virtually no capacity for heat transfer.
Evans is a superior fluid for transferring heat in engines because it remains in a liquid state until above 190°C.

Over the last 100 years engine design and efficiency has improved significantly. In stark contrast, engine coolants have remained mostly unchanged since the 1930's and are still based on a mixture of (toxic) Ethylene Glycol , water and corrosion inhibitors. All such mixtures have inherent physical and chemical limitations that restrict engine performance and affect reliability. Find out more



Italian made quality, ChipBox engine tuning modules provide performance and economy gains for a broad range of turbocharged vehicles.ChipBox by Seletron
Boasting the latest European safety classifications, these modules are suited to all applications and give your vehicle that needed extra boost they lack from the factory.

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PedalBooster Pedal Booster throttle boosters

Quality Italian manufactured, PEDALBOOSTER® throttle booster is an intelligent control unit that dramatically improves throttle response and simultaneously reduces lag. Easily fitted within minutes to any “drive by wire” vehicle with original connectors. Liven up your car and put a smile on your face!Find out more



For 85 years Penrite has been family owned and managed ... and driven by the founder's “every product, every application, every customer” philosophy.  Supported by the largest range of speciality products, backed with a 100% product guarantee, Penrite has established itself as Australia’s number 1 lubricant specialist.  Penrite - quality oils and lubricants

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