Best Price Guarantee

by Turbotech

best price guarantee

Turbotech is committed to providing our customers with the best prices possible.

Sometimes our advertised prices may not appear to be the best in the marketplace ... 

Best Price Guarantee

As hard as this may be to believe, we simply ask that you provide us with an actual copy of the competitor's pricing/quote (a weblink could suffice) for the same model designation and we will better the price.*  

If, for any reason, we cannot - we'll tell you to go with the other one!  We would rather you  - the customer - be satisfied with our customer service ethos and honesty, than try to make a quick sale at any cost.

Afterall, we are in business to be in business, and we will always try to give the best prices possible.


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* Please be aware, however, that a similar product from another manufacturer is not the same as "the same product". 
We only sell genuine products, so the model number must accurately reflect that item and application.  A cheaper copy of Garrett turbocharger is definitely not the same thing as a real Garrett turbo!

We warn all of our customers to be aware of the old adage "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!"

As authorised Master Distributors for the Original Equipment turbo manufacturers, we hear many, many stories of 'competitive products' and non-genuine copies that just do not deliver on quality, longevity, or ability ... and it can cost you thousands.  A turbo failure can destroy not only your turbo, but potentially your engine, DPF and many other components.

At Turbotech we only sell genuine BorgWarner, Garrett and Holset turbochargers - direct from the (OE) manufacturers themselves.
That is your guarantee that they will fit, work, and perform as they were designed to do.

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